Freeware Lovers

A company that develops free, open source, and crowd driven community projects. With love & passion.

About Us

Freeware Lovers is a new kind of company and business. Our main objective is to develop useful and interactive platforms for broad communities of people. We are achieving these goals in a very open, collaborative, fair and ethical way. Most of our projects are open source and crowd driven. We distribute our products either for free or on a freemium basis. We believe that this is the most inclusive and accessible price tag for everyone.

Literally everyone can join us as a contributor to work on cool projects together with other amazing people. You can learn more how to contribute to the Freeware Lovers projects in this GitHub repository.


We are constantly working on new ideas and concepts that might grow into new projects any time.

Freeware Lovers

Freeware Lovers is a Wikipedia for free and open source software. Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm OS, BlackBerry OS are among the supported platforms.


Translit converts on the fly Latin letters into Cyrillic, Greek, Armenian, Georgian and some other alphabets. Spell checking is supported for some languages.


WebSniffer can help you to check HTTP headers of remote web sites. You can also lookup information on IP addresses and domain names.


DiiCT is a multilingual dictionary for Armenian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish languages.


BetterMeet (in development) is a new online platform, where people can meet to build communities and organise online and on-site events.


Skupu (in development) is a platform to store and exchange coupon codes and gift certificates for e-commerce web sites.

Contact Us

To get in touch with the Freeware Lovers team please write to our email address .